What is a code of ethics?

In your lifetime you have probably seen a code of ethics, whether it be at school, in your workplace or in some community that you’ve been a part of.

We see these as our house rules, and our team have signed up to make sure that these are upheld with a view to make your experience more enjoyable. If you read our 5 gold questions blog, then you’ll know how we mitigate risk and concern for a client.

More and more of our clients are noticing that we do things differently here at Bows & Co and our ‘code of ethics’ is at the centre of this.

How many of us are concerned that our children are going to be exposed to music, language or behaviour that we don’t want them being exposed to. Now the building industry as a whole has a reputation for bad language, loud radios and running around shirtless when the suns beaming down.

As we work with more families, and around children, we believe that children deserve to be brought up in a home that is safe, friendly and caring. By working on our code of ethics & company culture, we can make sure that you still have that, even whilst doing something as big as extending or renovating your property.

This is why we have our ‘Code of Ethics’, why we empower our team to keep this code whilst on site and why we tell all our clients to print it and stick it somewhere visible so that should we fall short of the bar we’ve set they can hold us accountable.

So why not give our ‘Code of Ethics’ a look over and let us know whether you’d like to work with a builder who cares.