Why its important to give back.....

When people get into business it is usually for two things, riches, & freedom. Both obviously good reasons to get into business but when we look through the portfolio’s of the best entrepreneurs and business owners in the world we see other important factors.

How Richard Branson, a billionaire on a private island, but who has built companies and organisations that actually help its employee’s. Or Elon Musk who’s companies build reusable space craft and are at the forefront of electric powered transport, who’s motivation is really to help the human race survive the next chapter of our growth.

So it got me thinking, I am no billionaire or visionary but I can give back. That’s why everyone at Bows & Co has opportunities to train and get better at what they do, and why we give back to the local community.

Bows & Co has supported many things over the years in Farsley and West Leeds, from stages at the Farsley festival to most recently the Farsley Gin Festival. The Farsley Gin Festival recently raised more than £2,500 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and the Farsley cricket club (as well as giving me an education in Gin). Which we’ll be posting a little more about in the future.

But our next plan is even more ambitious, and hopefully more helpful to more people. We’ve all watched some kind of DIY SOS tv show in the past, and at Bows & Co, we are uniquely placed to help in situations like this because of the team and skill-set that we have. Our generous and caring team of highly skilled tradie’s and contractors, want to give back to the communities that give so much to us.

So…. with that said stay tuned for something I’m launching in 2019 that will change peoples lives, and help those in our society who’s homes have become a burden rather than a blessing.

As a business owner, and a christian it is important to me to give back to the community that has blessed me so much over the years.