So you've decided to renovate your kitchen.... Now what?

You’ve ummmm’d and arrrrrr’d about it for goodness knows how long, you’ve searched pinterest and social media to the point where you could name a Howdens kitchen at a 100 feet. Your mind is racing with ideas and you still haven’t finalised what you want to do with your kitchen.

Well let me help you, because your kitchen is massively individual, and will more than likely where the family spends the bulk of their time in the future. Sounds like a very high pressure decision to make, what if you make the wrong choices, what if it doesn’t work for you as a family, what if the space isn’t enough to get what you want in?

All of these questions are one’s that we come across time and time again, so I decided that we would create a handy guide for our clients. If you are planning a kitchen then you need to download our kitchen checklist. This will give you some handy hints on what to think about and how to lay things out in your mind, this way when you speak to your building company or kitchen designer you’ve at least got a framework that you need to achieve.

We start off with a major question…. How do you dream of using the space?

Maybe your idea of a good kitchen is one that is quick and easy to fry up a breakfast for one and get out, maybe your training for master-chef and want to wow your friends and family. Most of us are somewhere on in the middle and require a mix of ease of use, and impressive design.

Want to feel a little bit like a teppanyaki restaurant, move your hob to the island so everyone can see, want to make it super easy to see everything that you have in the kitchen, use drawers and pullouts rather than cupboards, but it is all about what sort of kitchen experience you dream of.

Next ask yourself, ‘how do I use the kitchen at the minute, and is that working for us?’. Space is a wonderful thing, and if it’s not working for you, say your family never sits together to eat, you always feel left out in the kitchen away from the family. Psychologists say that you can change an entire persons behaviour by changing how they dress or where they are.

Now imagine, is your dream kitchen going to work in the space that you have? Chances are you have a dining room that you used last Christmas, and maybe the big Birthday you had before that but it’s generally a wasted space as the family prefer to eat food in the lounge where it’s cosy (and there’s a TV). So now you know there’s approximately 15% of your floor space being wasted which could open up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Our spaces should inspire us to live our best lives, and should encourage the relationships that we have to flourish, it should drive the way we do life, and bring out the best in those around us.

So whatever your dream for a kitchen, use our checklist and see what you come up with then let us introduce you to one of our kitchen designers to get you off to a flying start in 2019.

What is a code of ethics?

In your lifetime you have probably seen a code of ethics, whether it be at school, in your workplace or in some community that you’ve been a part of.

We see these as our house rules, and our team have signed up to make sure that these are upheld with a view to make your experience more enjoyable. If you read our 5 gold questions blog, then you’ll know how we mitigate risk and concern for a client.

More and more of our clients are noticing that we do things differently here at Bows & Co and our ‘code of ethics’ is at the centre of this.

How many of us are concerned that our children are going to be exposed to music, language or behaviour that we don’t want them being exposed to. Now the building industry as a whole has a reputation for bad language, loud radios and running around shirtless when the suns beaming down.

As we work with more families, and around children, we believe that children deserve to be brought up in a home that is safe, friendly and caring. By working on our code of ethics & company culture, we can make sure that you still have that, even whilst doing something as big as extending or renovating your property.

This is why we have our ‘Code of Ethics’, why we empower our team to keep this code whilst on site and why we tell all our clients to print it and stick it somewhere visible so that should we fall short of the bar we’ve set they can hold us accountable.

So why not give our ‘Code of Ethics’ a look over and let us know whether you’d like to work with a builder who cares.

5 gold questions to answer

As a valued client of Bows & Co, I promise I will ask you more than 5 questions, and what I will always try to get down to is, what your main priority is.

Why are you doing what you want to do? Building what you want to build?

This is the most important of all the aspects of what you do next.

I also want to get to the bottom of what you want to get out of the experience of building your home. Now obviously, we all know that you want the renovation or extension that you originally contacted us about, but how about the experience. Do you want to enjoy the process, learn a little bit, help others to do the same, bless those around you?

There are a million different things that you could get from your extension, and the extension is only one of them. Maybe what you actually want is a better relationship with your family and friends, a space to watch the children grow. We’ve all got our reasons.

So what are the 5 Questions?

  1. What is your number one priority? Whatever it may be, our team can help you make sure you get the results you’re after. I’ll sit down with you and help you figure this out if you need to.

  2. Why did you pick that one? The why is always very important, and helps us make sure you get the best project possible. Our team will make sure that your priorities are our priorities while we are on site.

  3. Why is that important to you? Labouring a point, maybe? but it is that important. What you are left with when we go home is more than an extra 20, 30, 40 square meters, you are left with a new lifestyle, a new way of living so I need to know why it’s as important as you say

  4. What are the consequences of not having that result? Now to some it may be that they won’t have as good relationships with their friends, their family relationships won’t be as strong as they wanted, maybe that space will actually help you to have a better life, less stress, or even to bless others with those same things. We’ve worked with families, occupational therapists, and church leaders who mainly renovate to bless those around them as well as their families.

  5. Why would that worry you? So I can only imagine your answer to this but I know in my experience, I have seen homes where the parents were worried about their relationships with children longterm, they were worried that as their children grew they wouldn’t reach their full potential and would have weakened relationships within the family. By adding space they allowed their children the best opportunity to grow and thrive, making sure they get the best start for adult life too.

Now you may say that this has nothing to do with the actual building work that needs to be done, but fundamentally this is the whole reason the building work is an option. So in that scenario, wouldn’t you want a builder who values your family, who values your ‘WHY’ and with all this can guarantee your enjoyment throughout the process.

So with all this said, who are you going to tell to read this? Who do you know that could be helped by ourselves, are they thinking about extending?

Do they want to renovate?

Do they know a high quality builder who will look after the family as well as the build?

So the last question I have is … (I promise it is the last one)

When are you calling Bows & Co to help you achieve the space you deserve to live your best life?

A new day is dawning.

Bows & Co has gone through somewhat of a revolution in 2018, bringing together the expert team that you see on site today, and the culture that keeps the whole thing moving for your benefit.

Keep an eye on our news feed, and social media while we get some amazing projects completed and prepare for another bumper year in 2019.

Thank you for your support so far and thank you for your support in the future too.