Frequently asked Questions.

Although every project we work on is bespoke a lot of the concerns and questions we get are much more closely linked.

Below you’ll find some of the most frequent questions we get asked around our builds, and the answers we hope that will help you make the right decisions along the way.


Whats the best foundation for a build?

  1. Raft foundation, for ground which is difficult or for a lighter building a raft can be created which literally sits on top of the ground and spreads the weight evenly.

  2. Strip Foundation, This is a deeper foundation that follows the layout of your walls, this usually extends past 900mm deep and depends on the ground around it. This is the more common method of building.

Concrete or wood flooring?

They both have there place, best thing is to look into what you are hoping to achieve as your complete project. Tiled floor, underfloor heating, heavy items like granite worktops. My advice would be concrete.

If you’re working on a first floor and above then generally it’s timber, but with new products on the market such as engineered joists, cementitious floorboards, there’s a solution for your final finishes.

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How do I find a good architect?

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