Code of Ethics.

·       Conduct & professionalism. Employees and contractors must conduct themselves appropriately on site including no use of course or foul language. Employees and contractors will always conduct themselves in a polite and friendly manner, showing respect for colleagues and clients when on site.

 ·       Integrity shown at all times in our employees’ interactions and transactions with our clients and suppliers. Including following dress code and uniforms set out to protect the company image.

 ·       Radio use is restricted to 1 on site at any one time and radio volume to be kept to an acceptable volume whether inside or outside.

 ·       Site to be kept tidy at all times, including safe routes of access maintained throughout the project. All rubbish disposed of appropriately and removed from site if applicable. Client, employee and contractor safety is paramount when moving around site.

 ·       Spaces and property to be treated with respect at all times, including use of floor and furniture protection where appropriate. All employees and contractors are responsible for the safe guarding of floor coverings and furniture coverings where works entail working around client’s belongings.

 ·       Compliance with the law. All employees and contractors are responsible for protecting our company’s legality. Ensuring compliance when on site with all environmental and safety laws. We expect any employees or contractors to deal with any company property, finances, products and public image ethically and responsibly. 

 ·       Absenteeism and tardiness. Employees are expected to work to normal working hours and will prioritise punctuality in accordance with their schedules and workloads.

 ·       Team. Employees must always make themselves available where possible to assist,

collaborate and communicate with colleagues and clients to best complete the works at hand.

 ·       Discriminatory behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated on site, including harassment or victimisation by any employee, contractor or supervisor. All recruitment and evaluation work will be carried out in accordance with the law ensuring further advancement of those under assessment.

 ·       Conflict of interest and corruption. All amendments and alterations must first come through the supervisor in order to maintain clear and transparent relations, we expect all employees and contractors to avoid any conflicts of interest that may hinder their capability or willingness to perform their duties.